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Our advantages

The main advantages of our company are the simplicity and accessibility of the service.
Users of many other telecom operators may encounter the need to choose from huge tariff tables and tariff options, remember all sorts of logins and passwords, purchase and configure additional equipment, etc. etc.
We have nothing superfluous. You do not need:
  • to configure your computer to access the Internet - it will work right away.
  • to remember the access password to your personal account - it is available without a password, right on the main page of our site.
  • to configure the router to connect the second computer - you can do that with a simple hub that does not require settings.
  • to be identified with the tariff, fearing that you will not be able to change your choice until a month later - we will change the tariff directly for you on the go.
  • to purchase a telephone exchange - we provide its functions free of charge as part of the telephony service.
Unlike other providers, we have simple and understandable tables. 
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